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The World Dog Show 2013

Budapest Gatherings Bloodhound attended    two who were born in the litter “C”.

1, Blood Hann Bay CSERMELY

Intermediate Class, Class Winner!

2, Blood Hann Bay Craig

Intermediate classes started and

Become World Champion!

Welcome everyone on the website of            Blood Hann Bay Kennel

First of all, a little introduction to my dogs, our kennel and some words about myself.

I had always had dogs, but my love for dogs really started in 1981, when I had
the chance to become familiar with dog training at the training school of the Chief

Captaincy of the Hungarian National Police (K 9) in Dunakeszi. Here I had a chance to
get to know dog training and the abilities of dogs better.

As in my work I used to
work with a German Shepherd,

first I bought this type of dog for the family and I still
admire and love the abilities of this breed. Since I have had a lot of different breeds, I
wouldn’t like to write about each in details, just let me mention which types of dogs I
have had. After our first German Shepherd we had two other ones, and then we had
a Danish dog, a Rottweiler, a Bullmastiff, a Transylvanian Hound, a Hungarian Vizsla
and an English Cocker Spaniel.

At present we have a more than 10-year old Central Asian Ovtcharka, two
Bloodhounds (Chien de Saint Hubert, English Bloodhound), a Hannoverscher
Schweisshund (Hanoverian Scenthound) and a (Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund
(Bavarian Mountain Scenthound)

My love for Bloodhounds partly came from hunting, and partly from my curiosity but
later my experience developed into a love for this breed by getting to know step by
step these three types of hounds with excellent aptitude and qualities.

First I got to know hounds better with a Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund (Bavarian
Mountain Scenthound)

I bought a 2-and -a half-year old male and restarted training and trailing after a long
intermission. Soon I began training for artificial blood spoor trailing after reading a lot
of literature in this topic. To be honest, I have worked with a lot of dogs so far, but this
male seemed to be the best one. He could be trained easily and fast because he was
clever, fast moving, and a dog with a great flair, who loved his master. Just let me
remark that he found a shot wild pig on a 52 –hour spoor. Unfortunately I couldn’t see
his shag and game standing but according to my reading experience and based on
what I heard, this breed is perfect for these tasks.
At present I have a female (Bavarian Mountain Scenthound), I bought her from
Slovakia when she was 4 months old and she is from hunting parents.

Axa z Dankovicovho Dvora, is a dog with a deer-red black head and ears. Her
ancestors were from breeders who cared about work and look as well. Because of
her young age its work is a little bit still hasty and fast but excellent. She is slim and
elegant, a little facetious, moves really fast, she is a little bit mistrustful with strangers,
but very insistent to its owner and it is a dog, which feels good either in a flat or a
house with a garden. This breed really wants to be loved.

After buying our Bavarian Mountain Scenthound, the family decided to buy our first
Bloodhound called Forest of Chelsea Ariel from Slovakia. Before purchasing her, we
hesitated a lot, but her aristocratic look, its long ears, its loose hanging skin and its
legendary famous flair all helped us to make a good decision.

She was 3-and a half-year old when she got part of our family, and everyone loved
her from the beginning for her little stubborn, facetious behavior.

She is the Number 1 Dog of my wife among all dogs.
Her training is quite easy, however as a bloodhound she is very independent, a little
philosopher, so she needs totally different training techniques from other dogs, like
e.g. a German Shepherd. She considers all instructions and follows them but only
after thinking about the why and how, but this is the independence we expect from
each bloodhound. By now Ariel has got a lot of national and international results.
We must mention the famous flair of bloodhounds, for which bloodhounds are said
to be the best at trailing of all dogs. According to relevant literature, they are able to
follow a smell for as long as even 250 kilometres and they never make a mistake in
recognising it.

She feels really alive in the forest, she checks each game trail and holds her nose
high and sniffs fast whenever a game is close to her. She prefers following deer,
which she does slowly and precisely.

She becomes excited when she feels that a wild pig is around, that’s why she follows
it little bit imprecisely, but that’s when her independence comes in handy, because
she is able to correct the mistakes she makes.

In Hungary, in Somogy County they say there is a bloodhound, which is able to find
all games that are shot during hunting.

I think it is very sad that and maybe all Bloodhound owners in Hungary feel the same,
that neither the Hungarian Police nor rescue teams use this type of dogs.
Maybe the reason for it is that unlike German Shepherds, Bloodhounds are one-
master dogs, which require more care and nursing. Some breeds are preferred at
shows, they refer to sport dogs, but what some people forget is that those type of
dogs were not bred for that, trailing is not their main task to do. Bloodhounds are not
to be put on a leash or chain in the garden but to be kept free in a flat or a garden,
close to the family.

Finally about my Hanoverian Scenthound, which I bought form Somogy county when
she was 3 years old.

I had been searching for a long time before I found her. She is called Erdőházi Hunor
Bessy and she is a tiger – striped, heavily built dog with massive bones, and with a
deep chest. Her ancestors are well known as great working dogs. She has a great
nose, her flair work is slow but very precise, and she is a brave and persistent dog.
She is a very relaxed dog, can be kept either in a flat or a house, it is very loyal, she
always indicates strangers approaching the house with her deep strong voice.

So all in all, these three types of hounds are very insistent to their master, they are
and likeable, can be kept either in a flat or a house and they all have great flair, nut
they are different regarding their personality. They all love children, but the Bavarian
Mountain Scenthound loves children the most, it is very keen on them.

Unlike other dogs these types of dogs have been bred for hunting up game, finding
game injured and trailing blood spoor and in other, more developed countries,
bloodhounds have been used for finding lost humans by their smell.
In Hungary a lot of different hounds are used for finding game. Owners of hounds
even make comparisons with different hounds but I doubt there would be another
type of dog which is able to follow trail of many days, covered with snow and rain,
only hounds specially bred for this purpose are able to do that. Hounds are able to
follow and select deer escaping with the spoor and the deer leaving it.

The name of our kennel came form these three type of hounds, from the abbreviation
of their names: Blood (for Bloodhound), Hann (for Hannoverscher Schweisshund,
Hanoverian Scenthound) and Bay (for Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund, Bavarian
Mountain Scenthound).

The name of the Kennel Blood Hann Bay shows the dogs kept and bred by us.

Our aim is to breed such dogs that are quality dogs both at exhibitions and for work.
I disagree with the idea of breeding hounds only for work and with those who say that
the best dogs are only from the nicest dogs.

Our purpose is to combine the two, breeding ‘ nice’ quality dogs by the standard, but
at the same time to bred dogs ideal for hunting with excellent nervous system.

We make an effort to find the most suitable breeding pair for our female dogs by
knowing their nervous system, personality and look in order to create puppies for all

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